Fashion Brand Starter Essentials

Our purpose of providing you with these starter kits, is to empower you 

To make you less dependant on your supply chain. Our goal is to help you sustain your vision without getting carried away whether it be with designs, supply chain or anything other essential it takes to seriously and genuinely make it possible in today’s cut throat retail fashion world 

If you want you’re brand to stand out, if you one day want to be that success story you’ve always dreamed of, you’re at the right place ! 

Don’t know where to get the right suppliers from ?

Don’t know how to ensure your inventory modelling is correct ?

Don’t know if your suppliers costing or your own costing is correct ?

Don’t know if your product is going to break the market ? 

Don’t know which materials to use for your products so that they not only sell well but also fit the pocket ? 

Don’t know what a line sheet is or how to develop one ? 

Is your supplier using technical terms you have to keep googling ? 

Well, you’ve just struck gold ! These kits will empower you to understand the industry and everything it takes to start a fashion brand successfully 

Whether you’re planning to start a streatwear brand, a luxury brand, women’s wear brand, a t shirt brand, a kids wear brand, a home linen brand or a pet clothing brand ! We’ve got you the ultimate guide, templates and one of one guidance to make sure, your journey to start a fashion brand is a good one.

Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Beginner)

Whether you’re planning to launch a T-shirt brand, looking to start a kids wear brand, a streetwear brand,  or stepping into the luxury women’s and men’s wear market, our Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Beginner) is your Ultimate Startup Guide. . Inside, you’ll discover an entire collection of editable templates, tech packs, line sheets, and all the necessary startup information and insights along with filled references . 

What’s Included:

-Digital, downloadable, and editable toolkits (Tech packs Cost Sheet, Moodboard, Illustration Templates, Size Chart) – 5 Editable & Detailed Templates – used industry wide 

-Fashion brand starter guide eBook – a detailed book on everything you need to know right from material selection to choosing your manufacturer alongwith how to get the best out of your suppliers. 

Who It’s For:

Ideal for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs ready to implement their startup concept and are ready to get started with manufacturing, this kit provides step-by-step guidance to start your brand with confidence

Additional Note:

All digital downloadables are versatile; you can either edit them on Adobe Acrobat to tailor them to your brand’s specifics or print them out for manual completion.

Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Advanced)

Start your Brand with Expert guidance with our Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Advanced). Building on the foundation of our beginner kit, this package adds a layer of personalized support to align with your brand goals, collection, and specific needs. You’ll gain access to all our fashion templates and eBooks, plus an in-depth and personalized one-on-one consultation with our experts. From cost-cutting strategies to fabric selection, inventory management , this is your comprehensive resource for starting a fashion brand profitably with expert guided assistance.

What’s Included:

-All fashion templates from the Beginner Kit (Tech packs Cost Sheet, moodboard, Illustration Templates, Size Chart)

-Fashion brand starter guide eBook – a detailed booklet on industry insights, know how, terminology, materials, suppliers, cost cutting and more

-Personalized one-on-one consultation to amplify your concept creatively, select the right markets and audience,  provide a step by step approach on how to do it rightly and a lot lot more ! It’s an open one on one discussion with our expert team member, ask and discuss away ! 

Who It’s For:

Perfect for fashion entrepreneurs looking to refine their brand strategy vision and story and ideate it with expert insights tailored to their unique vision.

Upcycled Fashion + Sales Brand Kit + Ready to Print Art Designs (Advanced)

For brands facing the challenge of dead stock or seeking innovative ways to sell or recycle inventory, the Upcycled Fashion + Sales Brand Kit (Advanced) offers a lifeline. Engage in a one-on-one consultation with our fashion experts to address your brand’s current pain points, ensuring your inventory moves and gets noticed while enhancing your profitability. This package also provides an opportunity to connect with The Odd Factory’s sister concern companies that act as a sales avenue, boosting the sales potential of your brand. Whether you’re looking to sell your products or thrift or create an upcycled colelction of your own, our experts are here to help 

What’s Included:

-1 on 1 consultation with our fashion experts.

-Assistance in resolving current brand pain points.

-Connection to Odd Factory’s sister sales avenue for increased sales potential

-2 Mystery Upcycled Goodies delivered to your doorstep

-10 positive art prints, ready to print and use on a multi product range category 

Who It’s For:

Tailored for existing brands struggling with inventory management and looking to increase sales through creative selling or recycling strategies.

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