We’re 15 years old. We’re a team of 40+ craftsmen managed by women. Our slow fashion factory is based in Mumbai. We design, manufacture and supply quality apparel to brands and boutiques within and outside of India. Our key garment export markets include – USA,Australia, Dubai,Kuwait,Riyadh and Europe. We know design is an iterative process, which is why we are focussed on quality over quantity. We work on small batch orders and samples as well as large orders. If you need to experiment with a new idea, or looking for quality driven fashion for your brand, we’re the partner for you.

Bespoke Production makes us ODD The Simplicity in the process – Order, Design, Dispatch defines O.D.D

We believe the process is as important as the design. What makes us ODD is that, we partner with our clients in the creative process too. If you’re keen to work with a manufacturer that adds value to your designs and helps you economize your costs while maintaining fashion sustainability, talk to us.

What makes us special is that we’re super passionate about zero waste: so we recycle, upcycle and go that extra mile to apply sustainability principles in the way we work. If you haven’t thought about how your scrap is treated, let us help you manufacture more responsibly. It’s a small price for doing the right thing by our community and our environment. Better air, better earth, better us. Ethics is super important to us. We treat our employees well. If we do the right thing by our people, everyone wins.

Better quality, better commitment, and a common love for what we do. We reward and recognise regularly, and to respect the diversity of our people, take celebration very seriously. That means, we don’t penny pinch on our labour costs, and we may charge slightly more than your average wholesale unit.
We’re open-minded, women led, new generation modern slow fashion factory, driven by ai in fashion, technology in fashion, on demand manufacturing in bespoke fashion and a lot more.

Tell us what your vision is and we’ll help you shape that idea into an actual product. We have a wealth of knowledge about textiles, techniques, traditions and treatments.

Meet the Women Led Powerhouse

Karishma Kapur

Creative Director,The ODD Factory, Novaturient & Co

From being a Msc Econometrics, to setting up a large scale fashion factory, Karishma passionately understands the brand and person she works with. She takes lead on all creative and design conceptualisation and ideation processes with the clients. It is her inner drive and enthusiasm to ensure a client gets not only exactly what they want, but also what their brand needs. Her creative skillset knows no bounds. She personally handles all client communications with supreme levels of hospitality, upon their overseas visits. Over the years, clients, karigars and employees working with The O.D.D Factory, are like family to her. She’s a creativepreneur, an ambitious entrepreneur,fashionpreneur, fashion design consultant, fashion brand consultant and lives a happy life of family and motherhood when not at work.

Turiya Kapur

Proprietor,The ODD Factory,
Novaturient & Co

Proprietor, It’s rare for a fashion factory to have a business and financial strategist. This little catalyst, is an Msc in Investment Analysis, a sister to her boss and an acting consultant to The ODD Factory. She smoothens out business processes, handles all PR , Social Media and Business Development leads. She irons out unorganised sectors like ours, for smooth production, zero waste inventory management and fair finance. Being an exceptional magic hand and avid believer of unicorns, this girl works hand in hand with her sister to make their visions come alive while making their clients retail dreams come true.

Arpana Ahluwalia

Head- Sampling/Production & Client Servicing,The ODD Factory,
Novaturient & Co

From Head of Sampling and Production to Head to Sales and Client Relations, Arpana is a multi talented fashion expert. Her client design to worker communication and execution is on point. Full of joy and life, she adds that dash of fun to our workspace and your design too- yes she’s always holding her head up high with an extremely positive attitude to all odd’s that challenge us and life in general! Fashion is her world, and she is ours.


Master, Craftsmen,Karigars, Quality Checkers & Helpers,Novaturient & Co Our karigars have been with us since day 1. The day we started off in a garage and today scaled to a factory, they’ve stood by.They come from small towns across the country. Their talent is limitless and passion is timeless. Hands so skilled, eyes so keen to detail and precision, we are forever grateful to have them all as a part of our ODD Family. Our team consists of Masters, Pattern Graders, Tailors, Embroiders, Quality Checkers, Pressmen and office boys.
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