Marketing and Business Growth ( All Inclusive Super Advanced) Kit

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Our Consultation and toolkit packages are designed. In order to enable you to not only save costs but also work ina more optimal and economical manner with any manufacturer or supplier. It contains industry tips and tricks to help you scale the smart way.

Grow your fashion brand with our ultimate All Inclusive Super Advanced  Kit, combining full-scale design templates, 4 Set Swatch containing 70+ Fabrics, comprehensive growth strategies, expert one on one growth and creative guidance and discounts on our marketing and design packages. This top-tier bundle is designed to comprehensively addresses every element of brand management through two targeted consultations, and a complete set of premium fabric swatches, ensuring you have everything you need to excel in the competitive fashion industry. Ideal for ambitious brand owners aiming for industry leadership.

  • Design toolkit Bundle – (Defined Moodboard, Techpack templates, Illustration Templates, Size Guides, Cost Sheets)
  • Brand Growth Roadmap (To lay down a projected guided path for your brand)
  • 4 Swatchbooks (70+ fabrics) A mix of Pure, Blended and Organic premium quality wovens to enable you to identify your fabrics, establish great designs and save cost.
  • Personalized one on one Fashion Brand Consultation To provide insights into efficient inventory management, optimal supplier selection, and effective cost management and Design strategies.Creative and Technical Inputs to enhance your brand’s story, positioning and sales.
  • Personalized one on one Business Growth Consultation To provide guidance on the branding and marketing front from our advertising and brand growth specialists
  • Detailed Fabric Guide to help you understand each fabric’s unique qualities and niche uses in the industry as well as which fabric type is suited for which collection type. Get the knowledge to make smarter and cost effective choices for your designs.
  • Zero WASTE, Eco Friendly, Upcycled, and reusable cotton pouches stitched with Fabric buttons that can be reused .
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The All-Inclusive Super Advanced Kit is the ultimate resource for fashion brands seeking to achieve excellence across all business areas. This extensive bundle provides a robust set of tools and expert insights designed to enhance every facet of your brand from the ground up. What’s included in the All-Inclusive Super Advanced Kit:

  • Design Toolkits: Comprehensive collection of customizable templates including moodboards, cost sheets, size charts, and illustration templates. Available in both digital (editable via Adobe Acrobat) and printable formats, these toolkits facilitate creative expression and precision in design planning.
  • Brand Growth Roadmap: A detailed, step-by-step guide provided as a downloadable PDF. This roadmap outlines critical strategies for scaling your business, setting clear milestones and timelines for brand development and market expansion.
  • Two Expert Consultations:
    • Brand Starter Consultation: Gain personalized insights into the foundational aspects of building your brand, including inventory management, supplier selection, and cost optimization.
    • Marketing and Branding Consultation: Develop a tailored marketing strategy with our experts, focusing on effective sales channel development, budget allocation, and brand positioning to maximize market impact.
  • Four Swatchset Books: A complete collection of over 70 types of premium fabrics, including both woven and blended materials. This extensive selection is crucial for experimenting with different textures and quality, ensuring your collections stand out in the market. The right fabric choice can significantly impact cost management and product appeal.

Why it’s essential:

This kit is designed for brand managers and designers who are serious about taking their brand to the highest levels of the industry. Whether you’re refining your initial product line or preparing for a major expansion, the All-Inclusive Super Advanced Kit provides the comprehensive resources and expert guidance needed to cover all aspects of brand management comprehensively and effectively. This all-encompassing approach ensures you have the support and tools at hand to make informed decisions, innovate confidently, and achieve sustainable growth.

Service Highlights:

  • A bespoke Business Growth Consultation and Roadmap service.
  • Limited slots available each month, ensuring dedicated and focused planning for your brand.
  • A comprehensive service covering all aspects like sales channels, logistics, packaging, and more, aimed at outlining your brand’s growth trajectory and strategic milestones for the year ahead.

Discounts & Benefits
10% discount on The Odd Factory’s Slow Fashion Services:
– Design, Brand, Marketing & Strategic Business Growth Board
– Pattern Development and Grading
– Ai Print Files
– Factory Stock Materials

4 reviews for Marketing and Business Growth ( All Inclusive Super Advanced) Kit

  1. Neha P

    This kit was a lifesaver. Struggling with marketing concepts was my daily routine until I found the clarity and direction I needed. The one-on-one sessions were customized and all of my doubts were handled by the team really well and they offered community assistance which is a great bonus to this product

  2. Sonal

    At first, I wondered if I could justify the cost, but the branding and marketing guidance i got from The Odd Factory and Novaturient was definetly worth it. My Vision was on point but lacked checkpoints but this kit really helped me pinpoint benchmarks on production as well as marketing

  3. Ritika

    Karishma’s expert advice on production and the Novaturient team’s branding insights have not only resolved my initial pain points but also set a clear, strategic direction for growth. It’s the best investment I’ve made for my brand.

  4. Meera

    Honestly, I hesitated because of the price. But after the consultations, I realized it’s not just generic advice; it’s customized strategy as per my requirements. The clarity on team building in my branding consultation helped me understand the importance of having a proper team and allot my budget better

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Marketing and Business Growth ( All Inclusive Super Advanced) Kit
Original price was: ₹4,100.00.Current price is: ₹3,500.00.
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