10 Questions to Ask a Kids Clothing Manufacturer

The fashion scenario in today’s fast-paced world is evolving at an equally fast pace. The market is flooded with clothing options suitable for various sizes, body types, and every budget range. Gone are the days when there were only a few available options for kids\’ wear.

Today, there are myriad options available to choose from, be it kids’ tuxedos, lehengas, blazers…the list goes on. There is a beautiful blend of diversity and creativity in kids\’ wear available in the market.

 When it comes to choosing a manufacturer for kids’ clothing, one must be a bit more cautious. Various factors need to be kept in mind such as comfort, durability, the texture of the fabric etc.

This is because the apparel needs to be comfortable, breathable and most importantly, skin-friendly. The material should allow unrestricted movement to the kid as well. The O.D.D Factory is a trusted name for such fabrics.

Before you choose any manufacturer, it is essential to do thorough research about the manufacturer’s previous sales records and only then choose him as a vendor. 

Here are a few clothing research questions which shall guide you in choosing the right manufacturer.

  • How do you procure the raw materials? Is it from India or are they imported?
  • How is the production and manufacturing done?
  • Do you have an automated unit or is there a blend of handwork and machine work?
  • Do you have a M.O.Q (Minimum Ordering Quantity)?
  • Can these fabrics be customizable as per the colour tone, size, patterns etc.?
  • What about the ease of washing these fabrics? Are they pre-washed?


Questions to ask clothing Manufacturers


As stated previously, you need to choose a trusted vendor like The O.D.D Factory before you decide to collaborate or choose a vendor for your business. It is advisable to do thorough research before deciding since it would be a reflection of your brand in the market. To ensure a trustworthy and long association, we have made a list of questions which you can ask the clothing manufacturers.

  • What are your services? Could you share a sample of your fabrics for us to get an idea?
  • Do you operate as a wholesaler or a retailer?
  • Do you accept orders based on a M.O.Q? If yes, can that one batch include various sizes or does it have to be just one size for that quantity?
  • Do you customise as per our requirements with respect to size, patterns, shades etc.?
  • What is the minimum time for delivery of the product after the order is placed?
  • What is the Q.A and Q.C. (Quality Assessment and Quality Control) protocol followed at your manufacturing unit?
  • Do you have any specific certifications?
  • Do you have any specific terms and conditions concerning payment?
  • What is your area of expertise?
  • Can you share something about your previous collaborations? Is there any famous brand or clothing label with whom you are or have been associated?

Apart from this, you may ask other questions pertaining to your need. This is an important decision and it is better to invest time and effort in conducting a good market research before zeroing down on the manufacturer of your choice, as you would not want to keep changing vendors. 


Small-order clothing manufacturers in India


It is relatively easy to find a wholesale clothing manufacturer. When it is about finding a small-order clothing manufacturer in India, there may be a few hurdles.

The challenge would be that not many would be ready to work on a small order since they have a minimum order quantity requirement. Secondly, even if you do find one they need to fit the bill in terms of good quality, textures etc.

The O.D.D. Factory is the answer to all such concerns. It has carved a niche for itself in the fashion industry. It has been a trusted player in this for the last nine years and caters to all your small order requirements with quality being its topmost priority.


Custom clothing manufacturers in Mumbai


This highly acclaimed brand has earned a reputation globally for its well-curated collection of bespoke customised clothing. Each piece of clothing is exquisite with remarkable craftsmanship having its heart in the right place.

It will surely give a great facelift to your existing wardrobe. Each piece from this premium garment brand has a unique story to tell. There are many custom-made clothing manufacturers, but what sets this brand apart is the quality and finesse observed in each garment made by them.

It stands as a testimony to their years of research, procurement of the right materials and accessories, the perfect and tailor-made design and above all, the exceptional hard work put in by each of the artisans. While making a choice of a manufacturer for your clothing needs, you need to take into account all such factors to make an informed decision. 

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