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Why Work With a Slow Fashion Factory?

Sustainability has become one of the most critical topics in the past few years, especially when covid19 hit, and people have realized how connected they all are. Companies today have learned that people care a lot about their environment and act on their customers\’ demands. For example, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry globally and is an accelerator of climate change.


Basics about slow fashion:

The Bespoke Clothing Manufacturers in India say that slow fashion is undoubtedly not a new concept. Ideally, fashion used to be always slow. However, slow fashion is now having a big comeback, and manufacturers hope it stays this time as it has several benefits.

Furthermore, Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers in India believe that slow fashion is not only for the environment but also for the people who work in the clothing industry. The small factories generally produce clothing in smaller batches, generally of the best quality materials. Quickly explained, slow fashion is the exact opposite of fast fashion. Fast fashion is ideally based on the fast production of large amounts of clothing, generally at cost-effective prices. The items are usually of low quality. Some are so poorly done that they cannot be worn ever after you wash them twice. The materials are primarily cheap fabrics with some cheap chemicals or dyes.

Lastly, the garment workers tend to make minimum wages and work in an unsafe environment. Sadly, it is familiar that the workers are not even adults in this industry.


The importance of slow fashion:

The Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in India believe that consumerism is reaching dangerous heights. Currently, the earth cannot produce the rate that we are consuming. Generally, we are just depleting the natural resources and affecting our climate, but what will happen if we finish up the planet\’s resources. So today, fast-fashion brands need to change their business model and slow down their production levels.

Even if Fabric Dyeing Manufacturers in India don\’t slow down, there are different consumers who care about the process, look for quality, and understand what is behind the purchase. In addition, consumers today prefer to know the price paid is being used to pay the fair trade wages or quality fabric instead of just the marketing campaigns.

The Custom Clothing Manufacturers in London say that consumers mainly use fashion to express their individuality instead of going with the uniform of all big fashion brands.


What must you know about slow fashion vs. sustainable fashion?

One of the main differences between fast fashion and slow fashion is when it comes to the amount of waste generated. We learn the dance between offer and demand in economics. The fast-fashion brands create a lot of clothes and, with their vast marketing budgets, make the need for society to keep on buying whether people need it or not. A new print, a new cellular with sleeves with shoulder pads, and they have perfected the art of newness, and people are getting addicted without noticing the consequences. You might be wondering what would happen if things were not sold?

At the same time, slow fashion brands in India are the same as the rest of the businesses dance the offer and demand dance. But the main differences are that they create a design, produce small batches, and see how the market is reacting. If it sells well, they do more if it doesn\’t sell, then the waste is still minimum. It allows for meeting what the client wants in terms of fit, design, and fabric as the batches are small and the iterations are not breaking the bank. As consumers, people enjoy better garments\’ unique scenarios and the special connection. Still, they also want to know who is behind what makes peace so unique because today, the consumers care about the environment.


Fair treatment:

The Private Label Clothing Manufacturer in New York understands the social aspect of the industry. It is the main difference between slow and fast fashion. The slow fashion workers usually work in small ateliers and family factories. Having a personal relationship with the owners and designers made them team members. They are generally paid a living wage, and they work in a safe and clean environment. As a result, they can feed their kids and send them to school, and the living wage also allows workers to save up some money for the future and still afford a great life while supporting their family members. The factory also pays them overtime on weekends or holidays, and they work regular hours. This is known as ethical fashion, and it is a critical aspect of the kind of fashion that people strive to enjoy.

If you wonder how sustainable fashion helps the environment, you must know that slow fashion is here to stay. Sustainable fashion is long-lasting so that you can wear them as long as possible. So even if you end up wasting, the wastage will be minimal.


Benefits of working with Odd Factory:

The Odd Factory is solely led by women and we have been running the same for 9 years. We understand that designing isn’t an iterative process which is why we are quite happy to work on the small pieces or samples.

  •       Run by women solely
  •       An eye to detail
  •       Pure fabrics
  •       Transparent working practices
  •       Sustainability
  •       No hidden charges

We believe in zero waste solutions. If you are looking for slow fashion the odd factory is your go-to option. You understand the sustainable needs that allow us to be a conscious eco-fashion factory. The odd factory also celebrates and empowers women by providing them with continuous skill training and development.

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