Upcycle and Repurpose – Be a conscious consumer, with us

The ODD Factory is India’s finest and first fashion forward sustainable slow fashion apparel manufacturing factory. We enable fashion brands to inculcate the concept of zero waste manufacturing wherein we utilize all scraps and materials left over from production to develop unique and creative apparel or accessories. This not only helps the fashion brand we work with to save costs but also supports a circular fashion economy.

From upcycling fashion accessories to upcycling fashion clothing and upcycling fashion packaging, The ODD Factory ensures that your brand is truly following sustainable fashion ethics.

Check out our unique upcycled fashion collection & start your journey towards becoming a sustainable fashion consumer today

Upcycle and Repurpose – Be a conscious consumer, with us Reuse Reduce Recycle – It’s not cliché. Trust Us


Excess stock and material including scrap items such as zips, buttons, fabrics, laces, cut pieces of fabrics and embroidery patches are forever loners of an end of line garment production. Sadly but truly, they are left behind as ‘waste’. At The ODD Factory, we understand the waste material holds a cost and sunk costs. It adversely impacts your brand’s sustainability vibe and budget. So we oddly work with you to reduce, recycle and repurpose production scrap, as creatively as possible. Leaving you with a new fabric based product line, leaving us with reduced scrap inventory, keeping us both responsible and conscious towards the environment.


Upcycling and Repurposing Garments help us contribute towards a better tomorrow. Creative production solutions, zero waste and developing new end of line products with left-over material, help you economize costs, have an ancillary product line, gain 100% production efficiency and have a great market-trending-consciously-sustainable brand – now that’s something to be proud of!

What we Do?

Use these materials to create new fabric-based products, fashion accessories, convert excess fabrics into gorgeous gift wrapping material, make belts, headbands, all types of fashion knit bits, patch-worked garments, and other such innovative products. The possibilities of upcycling are endless. Our aim is to make it as unique and creative as possible, for your brand and your customer, so you stand out loud and love what you do, as much as we do! We will ideate with you or you can leave it entirely up to us. The choice is yours, to take a step closer towards a planet, that’s ours!

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If you aren’t developing your fashion label or an entire garment collection with us, don’t worry. We jazz up clothes that you’re bored of, pieces lying in your wardrobe that don’t fit anymore, worn-out jeans, old saree’s, dying dresses and all those outfits and fabrics lying in your wardrobe. You need to simply pass on your materials to us, together we will conceptualize the revamp of these garments. Trust us, it’s a fun process – the only process where what you give is not what you get back because what you take back home, is stronger, cooler and more often than not prettier!


Revamp your existing wardrobe – MOQ 10pcs Upcycling your existing clothes into something new – MOQ 10 pcs Create upcycled merchandise – MOQ 10 pcs Upcycle from your own production line – No MOQ


As a part of our values we insist, if not looking to upcycle clothing and repurposing materials, yet looking for a safe space to give them away, you can get in touch with us. We partner with NGO’S that appreciate kindness and contribution, whole heartedly. Our cistern concern NGO Stranctuary Foundation awaits your heartfelt contribution. Pause for a noble cause, show your compassion in fashion

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