Presidental Dreams

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Open Blazer Made of 100% Linen featuring a lapel collar scrunched up sleeves with slit pockets and pop boho printed lining inside paired with easy to wear eleastisized waist ankle length pants
1. These garments have been creatively upcycled by our O.D.D Factory Design and Production Team using left overs & fabric excess
2. All materials used to make these garments are extremely pure & premium qualities of woven fabrics such as linen, cotton, cotton sateen, linen satin, silk, etc.
3. These garments have been ethically manufactured by our team of karigars
4. Creative Zero Waste Production is a process we follow diligently at The O.D.D Factory to reduce Fashion Waste & Creatively utilize every piece of fabric. This business ethic is what led to the birth of our Upcycled Collection
5. Stock is Limited Inventory. To order customized/large batch, connect with our team
6. For personalized/customized clothing, connect with our team of experts


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Presidental Dreams
Original price was: ₹6,000.00.Current price is: ₹3,800.00.
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