How to Style Neutrals

Neutrals is one of my favorite asthetics because of a lot of reasons. And here I have a full guide of How to Style Neutrals to help you out.


What are Neutrals?

Neutrals are basically colors that lack any or have a small amount of pigment/color. Some examples of neutrals are: Beige, Brown, Black, White, Ivory etc. Neutrals are generally very easy to style because they blend in and can be paired with anything.





Neutral Staples everyone should have


1. A pair of jeans in any Neutral shade.
2. Pants in Neutral shade.
3. Tan coat/ jackets
4. Cream, Beige Sweater/Cardigan
5. Black/ Tan boots
6. Tank tops in Neutral shades.




Styling Neutrals/ Outfit Ideas.


1. Monochromatic Look

You can style a monochromatic look by pairing same shade in different/same tones. This looks so classy and beautiful and also its easier to style.



2. Neutrals with a pop of color

This one is a bit trickier because you do not wanna look tacky when you style a statement piece with a neutral look. So just be careful with the tones of your statement piece.



3. Patterns and Texture.

Now these are some of the most fun ones to style because of how easy and cool it looks. This can look so effortless and fashionable and that’s why it is my favourite way to style neutrals.




4. Add in Earth tones

Okay, so this is also my favourite way to style neutrals just because I love earth tones, and I simply cannot get enough of them. They look so classy and chic that I can literally wear them every day.




Thank you for reading guys, I hope it was helpful.


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