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How to Make a Tech Pack for Your Product Line?

If you are working with a start-up or a beginner in a Bespoke Clothing Manufacturers in India company, you might be wondering what a tech pack is and how to create it. Don’t worry we have got your back. After reading through this post, you’ll get to know about the tech packs in detail. You’ll also get to know how to create a tech pack for apparel.

What is Tech Pack?

A Tech Pack is a design prepared by a qualified designer. It includes all the elements and directions needed for a producer to produce the finished item from your design. Materials, gradings, seams, colour schemes, measurements, trim, labels, etc. are all included.

How to create a tech pack for your fashion collection?

The following are the steps to creating a tech pack for your product line: – 


Create a logo for your company:-

If you don’t have the logo or brand identity of your private label clothing manufacturer in New York, you need to do it in the first place. Your logo will be one of the most essential elements of your brand identity. 

After establishing a logo, you can begin creating your packaging and other branded products. Your brand identity will be influenced by all your product designs and selection. Having a consistent appearance and feel for all your items is crucial.


Make sketches of your designs or create a cover page:- 

Usually, a tech pack is created using flat sketches on a white background without any color.  You can make sketches with the help of a computer, handmade or with images, just you need to make sure that sketches are simple to understand, uncomplicated, clear and devoid of any extraneous information. 

It\’s crucial to consider how your sketches get produced when making them. It is important to have front as well as back view designs. Sketches must consist of the dimensions and the proportions of your designs. For example, if you give your fabrics to digital fabric printing in India, they should understand the whole concept and what you want to do with the printed fabrics and other things via looking at the sketches. 


Inspirational page:- 

If your designs are inspired by other designers, you need to put images of original styles on your inspiration page. These images will help the manufacturer to produce the pattern and achieve the designer\’s preferred aesthetic if the source of the pattern is your factory. 

Let’s assume that you are a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer in India, but your designs are inspired by a well-known fashion designer, so you need to mention the name and images of a particular pattern on your inspirational page. 


Add instructions for callouts:- 

This is very necessary as these instructions are useful for manufacturers to create the products as you want. For instance, you have completed the design and you gave a manufacturing contract to Custom Clothing Manufacturers in London, thus if you include the proper instructions, the product manufacturing process will be smoother.


Colouring Specs:-

The colouring specs are the list of all the colourings as well as the placement of each colour on the garment. It\’s imperative to include colour ways in your tech pack if you provide a wide range of colour and trim options. 

To give an idea, you have given the manufacturing contract of your company to Best Garment Manufacturers in India, if you have included the colouring specs in your tech pack then it is easier for your manufacturer to produce your products in several colour schemes. 


Generate a Bill of Materials (BOM):-

A BOM is a big list of all the physical components needed to make your finished product, along with their placement on it. This covers everything from hangers and poly bags to fabric and labels. 

You should know the costs associated with each product in order to construct an accurate BOM. To give you an idea, if you’re a Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer in India, then you need to make sure that you have all the bills associated with your product such as bills of natural dye, sustainable fabrics, and packaging material likewise. 


Mention the measurements:- 

This page covers the measurements, weights, and other small details which will ensure that your products are made correctly and have the ideal fit, graded standards are crucial. 


Include Final Specifications:

  • You need to mention the artwork details if that is relevant to your product and if you’re going to use the artwork on your project.
  • The assembly instructions are a crucial component of your tech pack since they give your manufacturers detailed instructions, which they will use to create your items. You must be well-versed in the construction of your items to write precise assembly instructions.
  • To discuss revisions or construction difficulties, it\’s customary to offer images of samples that have been annotated with notes. Make sure to also indicate any measurements that are outside of acceptable limits so the factory can quickly identify any necessary changes.

Add packaging details:-

You will need to have the necessary hang tags, labels, and packaging if you are at the production stage. To give your manufacturers all the information they need to properly label and package your final goods, you can include these in your tech pack. Suppose that Bespoke Clothing Manufacturers in India is your partner for the design of your product, then if you have given the details of packaging details in depth, that will help them to package as per your needs and you will receive products as you want. 


Final Word

Although creating a tech pack can be challenging, doing it well is crucial if you want to win over your manufacturers. ODD factory, the leading Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer in India, follows the complete process of tech pack in the production. 

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