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6 Ethical Alternatives Clothing Betting Against Fast Fashion

One thing that is quite creating a murmur in the fashion industry is the word “Fast Fashion”. The experts are stressing upon the best Garment Manufacturers in India, to not fall into the trap of fast fashion and choose sustainable alternative clothing.

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is a design, manufacture, and promotion strategy which focuses on producing enormous masses of clothes in a short period of time. In order to provide consumers with affordable styles, fast fashion garment manufacturers make use of trend replication and low-quality materials such as synthetic fabrics. 

Moreover, to meet the consumer’s expectations of cheaper, stylish, and trendy clothes, many brands use cheap manual labour. Sometimes they take advantage of people who don’t have any other employment which causes abuse of manual workers.

Fast fashion has a negative impact on the environment, such as landfills, water contaminants, use of harsh chemicals, carbon footprints, animal hunting, and unethical treatment of labourers in fast fashion factories. In Short, it is against ethical clothing.

Therefore, many people are diverting towards more ethical and sustainable alternative clothing. Here we have enlisted a few alternative clothing ways to win against fast fashion.

Top 6 Alternatives Of Fast Fashion


Shop for ethical and sustainable clothing:- 

If you don’t want to support the fast fashion industry but still want to buy new clothes, you can still buy new clothes, just make sure that clothes are eco-friendly. 

Materials such as wool, organic cotton, soy silk, jute, corn fibre, bamboo fabrics, etc. are eco-friendly clothing fabrics. Sustainable clothes can be a little higher priced than fast fashion, but there are multiple ethical, ecological clothing firms and Sustainable Clothing Suppliers in India available that are accessible to everyone who can afford them.

There are tons of ethical clothing brands available globally such as Patagonia, Everlane, Reformation, People tree, etc. Moreover, there are multiple affordable and sustainable ethical clothing brands present in India too such as ODD factory. We started our journey nine years back and since then offered affordable ethical clothing to India and the world.


Buy second-hand clothing:- 

Second-hand clothing is a great substitute for fast fashion. You can buy second-hand clothes from various thrift stores, second-hand retailers, or flea markets. It is a budget-friendly substitute. 

It prevents clothing from ending up in landfills, so it’s beneficial for the environment too. Additionally, this will support the local businesses, which is also a great thing. There are many thrift stores available on social media plus platforms like eBay, vinted, and Depop, which also sell pre-worn clothes. People also host a garage sale to sell pre-loved clothes. 


Upcycle your clothes:-

Upcycling your clothes means you use your old clothes and transform them, giving them a new look. In this way, you give a new life to your old clothes. You can watch content available on the internet, do some DIY with your old clothes and you’ll have different styled clothes without investing money. 

It\’s a wonderful way to decrease your influence on the environment and a wonderful alternative to fast fashion. Instead of throwing out clothes, you can donate unwanted or unused clothes to orphans or deprived people. Upcycling is also a great sustainable measure to prevent clothes from being garbage. ODD Factory, the Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in India also provides upcycle options. 


Learn to stitch and repair your clothes:-

Many clothes end up in the landfill because they don’t fit you anymore, but if you gain knowledge of stitching and repairing clothes, those clothes will last you for much longer, which will be a cost-effective method too. 

Make sure to choose sustainable fabrics, leave margin in clothes while stitching them then you can alter them in the future as per your need. You can get your fabric printed from the Fabric Printing Services in India, according to your preferences, so you have multiple options to choose from and design clothes as you like from tip to toe. If you can’t stitch or repair your own clothes, you can find an alteration service.


 Buy good quality clothes that last longer and timeless:-

People usually buy low-quality clothes as they are inexpensive which encourages fast fashion companies to make more low-quality clothes. They are not good for the environment and do not last for a long time. 

On top of that in the current scenario, social media trends are inspiring people to buy more and more clothes. People tend to buy more clothes that do not remain in fashion for a long period.  Hence, purchasing good quality and timeless clothes is advisable and virtuous, and knowing the fast fashion brands to avoid.


Rent outfits:- 

There are many rental outfit services available and utilizing them is a sustainable exercise. While this might not initially appear tempting, there are many excellent businesses present online as well as offline that offer wonderful fashion products for rent. 

This is a pretty fantastic substitute for purchasing an outfit for an occasion that you won\’t wear again. For example, wedding outfits of bride and groom, most people are not going to wear those outfits again. Instead, you might pay significantly less to rent the item for a day or whatever length you like. 


Final Word

Now that you have an idea about fast fashion and its alternatives, it\’s time to choose the best one. The best alternative is to select those brands that focus on sustainable development. 

ODD is such a custom clothing manufacturer in India. We honor and empower the hands who work tirelessly to ensure that your garment turns out not just Good but sustainable as well.

Everyone is aware of our systems\’ transparency and cleanliness, including our employees and clients.  Contact us as we are also top-notch Bespoke Clothing Manufacturers in France.

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