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The ODD factory – leading Fabric Dyein in India offers a variety of custom Dye fabrics to a hue of your choice

The MOQ could minutely start with 10 meters depending on the type of fabric and print chosen.

All we need is:

  1. Which woven fabric do you want to dye?
  2. What is your choice of Pantone shade for the fabric dyeing?


Fabrics we dye – 100% Pure Cotton, 100% Pure Silks, 100% Pure Linens, 100% Pure Satins, Viscose & Viscose Blends, Rayons, Chiffon, Georgette & the entire array of pure and blended woven fabrics

Why you should opt for the unique Fabric Dyeing from THE ODD FACTORY

  • As a garment reseller, you may use the concept of fabric dyeing to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Regardless of colour or tint, production costs are reduced for each item.
  • Clothing production and distribution require a lot less time.
  • The colour of the clothes cannot be changed.
  • Small batches of diverse items could be produced at a lower cost and in a shorter period of time.
  • It is possible to re-dye old items to make them look brand new.
  • In one machine, desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, and finishing could all be done.
  • A garment dying project necessitates a smaller initial investment.

Are you a private label, looking to expand and make your own brand identity? There’s no better way than having a colour palette for your collection – shades that are unique to only your brand.

Reach out to the ODD factory – leading small-batch fabric dyeing manufacturers in India to talk about how we can revamp your brand identity with vibrant shades of your choice! However, we are not limited to the services of fabric dyeing.

Our expertise has scaled through various fabric services including sustainably custom-made fabric manufacture, private label making, button making and much more.

Also, remember the MOQ could minutely start with 10 meters depending on the type of fabric and print chosen. So, whether you are a big fashion brand or a small fashion start-up, we have something to offer everyone!

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