Different Types of Buttons & Their Uses

Do people notice distinct types of buttons in their clothes as we slip it on in the morning? Most likely not, all the more so if they\’re made of the usual mainstream plastic. Isn\’t it simply buttons? So why bother looking at them?

But Best Garment Manufacturers in India, pay relatively close attention to these often-overlooked buttons.

Did you know that buttons were originally employed as trims or as decorative elements? It wasn\’t until the late 14th century that they began to be used in garments. By the 16th century, every style of button had been employed in clothing and accessories.

Buttons have evolved into more than just a means of fastening. Furthermore, they are a necessary component of design. Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in India closely design these unique buttons. Let\’s read more about the types of buttons and their uses.


How Luxury Clothing Manufacturers in India use buttons in their fits! 

A button is a stylish element that is fitted together into a buttonhole or a loop to attach and hold two layers of fabric together, commonly in clothing.

Buttons having openings in the middle or shanks on the backside are by far the most typical, and they\’re used to put them on clothes and crafts.

When you deal with Small Clothing Manufacturers in India who make customized buttons, you are not only dealing for buttons for clothes. Buttons can be used in many fashion forms.

Most people are unaware of the importance of buttons, but we feel that they may enhance the charm of your apparel as well as change nearly any item in your home into a great and appealing accessory.

The various styles and designs of the buttons we make can result in a really unique personalized hairband. You can wear them as a headband to match your style and dress codes.

How wonderful would it be to loop a button band over your wrist and ankle? It\’s a fantastic appearance for a day at the sea. A button necklace is a unique and stylish piece of jewellery as well.


Unique types of buttons for clothes:

Some of the most famous and widely used buttons made and used by Luxury Clothing Manufacturers in India include:

  1. Flat Buttons: Flat buttons are the most popular type of button, and that they are generally quite steady with two or four openings in the centre. They could be made from wood, metal, crystal, and even ceramic. Throughout fact, one of the many benefits of buying flat buttons would be that they look attractive on every item of clothing you place them on, from t – shirt to gowns and chinos to skirts.
  2. Cloth/Fabric Buttons: Buttons made of cloth are popular. Buttons made of fabric or yarn. Assume you want buttons to match the fabric of the dress you\’re creating. Cloth button covering kits are here to help. Simply feed the buttons and fabric through the kit, and you\’ll have nicely folded cloth wrapped buttons. These are simple to set up and can be used as both a decorative and a fastener.
  3. Shank Buttons: Instead of holes in the centre, a shank button has a little loop or hole on the back, which you use to thread your needle through while stitching a button onto your clothing or other goods. Shank buttons could also have a raised section in the rear of the button that houses the hole, which is useful when you want your buttons to appear slightly raised.
  4. Pearl Buttons: Mostly used by Luxury Clothing Manufacturers in India, mother of pearl buttons add royalty to any look. Mother of Pearl buttons are a traditional feature which high-end shirt makers prefer. They have a deeper colour saturation than plastic resin buttons. They\’re ideal for sophisticated luxury buttons that enhance the elegance of the garments they\’re attached to. These buttons are constructed from hand carved or laser-cut clam shells that have been coloured and hand-grilled for the openings.
  5. Stud Buttons: Stud buttons are commonly linked with jeans, although they can also be used on jackets and skirts made of denim. The stud button is made up of two components, one of which is attached to the other. They\’re normally circular and come in silver or gold, however some come in lots of various colours, and they\’re used to embellish denim trousers, purses, jackets, and other denim goods.


Get your customized buttons from The ODD Factory:

Leading Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in IndiaThe ODD factory specializes in making customized buttons. Fashion labels aren\’t the only thing we have to offer. O.D.D is here to help, whether you\’re a company looking to expand into goods, a designer hoping to start garment production, an artist/designer looking to print fabric, an entrepreneur building a bespoke wardrobe, or a conscious consumer looking to upcycle.

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