What-is-the-difference-between-Cotton-and- Polycotton

What is the Difference Between Cotton and Polycotton?

Have you ever been cheated or confused by the name cotton and polycotton? We know those who are into the field, know the difference, however, for those who don’t know, Odd Factory has brought a blog. We’re a leading clothing manufacturing and supplying brand in India and beyond. 

What is Cotton?

Cotton is a staple fibre, meaning it is made up of many fibers of variable lengths. Gossypium-family cotton plants, which have natural fibres, are used to make cotton. It is a plant-based, natural fiber. Cotton has a smooth and fluffy texture since cellulose makes up the majority of its composition.

This natural resource grows in various parts of India. Later it gets processed to create textiles that are renowned for their adaptability, functionality, and all-natural comfort. The majority of the fibre worn worldwide is cotton. It is useful in many different sectors. 

There is high demand for cotton from sustainable fabric suppliers Dubai for its softness, comfort, durability, breathability, affordability and accessibility. 

People with sensitive skin can use cotton clothes without much comfort. As it is based on natural fibres, there is no triggering of allergies or irritation of the skin.

What is Polycotton? 

Fabric made of a mixture of polyester and cotton is called poly cotton. A lightweight fabric with wide availability, polycotton is available both plain and with patterns. 

As polycotton is a combination of polyester, cotton, natural and synthetic materials, it is a less expensive option than cotton fabrics. Polycotton fabrics typically include a 35% polyester and 65% cotton combination, though this can change. It mixes the breathable qualities of cotton with the toughness of polyester.

Polycotton combines the benefits of cotton with polyester. Compared to cotton, it is more tearing- and wrinkle-resistant and more breathable than polyester. While polycotton is not as inexpensive as polyester, it is still less expensive than pure cotton. If you’re into the clothes wholesaling or reselling, contact Odd Factory- fabric printing services in Germany. We will help you find your growth trajectory through high quality poly cotton clothes. 

What is the Difference Between Cotton and Polycotton?

Although both cotton and polycotton are used to make apparel, they differ in the following ways:

Composition of the material

Polycotton is a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibres like polyester, whereas cotton is a natural fiber derived from the seed of the cotton plant.


As per experts at fabric printing services in Kuwait, Cotton is an air-permeable material that promotes airflow, which helps you stay cool. Contrarily, polycotton is less permeable and can feel stuffy and heated in hotter weather.

Resistant to wear and tear

A cloth made entirely of cotton is not strong. It\’s rough and tears appear quite rapidly. As a result, clothing made of pure cotton may not last very long. Polyester is a fabric that resists tearing and abrasion. Although polycotton is more resilient than cotton, it is not as robust as pure polyester. 


Polycotton contains synthetic fibres, it occasionally feels rougher than cotton. Opposite to that, cotton has a soft feel and a more natural texture.

Nature of Care

Cotton requires more care in comparison with polycotton. It is so because they can shrink or wrinkle more easily than polycotton, and they may require ironing. You may reach out to Customized Fabric Printing services in Kuwait for better understanding of care required for both cotton and polycotton.


Cotton weighs more than polycotton because it contains more fibre per square inch. This means that polycotton is usually preferable to cotton if you\’re looking for lightweight apparel or clothing that won\’t make you feel heavy.

Why Mix Polyester with Cotton?

Fabric markets in Riyadh frequently blend cotton and polyester to combine the best features of both fibers. Cotton is a soft, breathable, and cozy natural fiber, although it can be susceptible to shrinkage and readily wrinkles. 

Contrarily, polyester is a synthetic fiber that is resilient, carefree, and easy to maintain. Polyester occasionally feels less supple and breathable than natural fibers like cotton. 

In contrast to 100% cotton, a fabric made of polyester and cotton is more crease-resistant, long-lasting, and simple to care for. Here, you also get some of cotton\’s softness and breathability. Additionally, because creating synthetic fibres is less expensive than producing cotton, polyester-cotton mixes are sometimes less expensive than pure cotton garments.

Which Fabric is Cheaper?

In general, polycotton costs less than cotton for clothing manufacturing companies. This is due to the fact that polycotton, a synthetic material made of cotton and polyester, is less expensive than cotton that is grown entirely in cotton. 

As well as being easier to maintain and lasting longer, polyester fibers are far more affordable to produce than cotton fibres. Consumers who are on a tight budget frequently choose polycotton since it has a higher resistance to creases and shrinking than pure cotton.

Lets Conclude 

As you understand the difference between cotton and polycotton, you can make the right decision on choosing the ideal clothes for you and your family. In the recent past, Polycotton has gained traction for its features such as durability, quick dry, affordable price, wrinkle free, breathable and more. 

As a business, if you wish to know more about that, the Odd Factory is here. Leave a reply and our representative at best fabric dyes manufacturers in India will get back to you. 

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