The garment manufacturing process is filled with intricate details: cuts, colours, and materials are all changeable aspects of the apparel development process. Our apparel manufacturing firms come up with innovative and standard designs on their own. This makes it both cheaper and gives you a wider range of garment production alternatives.

Our primary focus is on the artistic process and working together to develop new concepts. And as result, everything we create contributes in some way to the design process.

As the best bespoke clothing manufacturers in France with a 9-year history, we have a global reputation for creating and producing high-quality materials.

We’re a collective of 50 female-led artisans. We’re willing to work on small pieces or samples until you get the aesthetic you want.

Why choose a bespoke clothing manufacturer in France?

When it comes to off-the-shelf things, quality isn’t a factor. The technique works as follows: industrial machinery is used to mass create low-cost items in large quantities.

Considering evaluating a conventional, off-the-shelf item to a made-to-order, one-of-a-kind version… It is indeed a substantial change. Clothing manufactured to order may give you a more solid look.

In this consumption-driven world of disposable goods, you want to be a wise trader. To avoid being caught off a surprise by the price, you should plan a good time. As a result, the most cost-effective option is to order personalised apparel in France.

Why we are the Best Clothing Manufacturers in France?

The Odd Factory is not a reseller, but we are among the most forward-thinking small order clothing manufacturers in France.  We’ve sown for some of the world’s most well-known garment labels. Our objective, on the other hand, is to help small start-ups and rising apparel labels find small batch garment makers.

To extend the fabric’s life, we employ the appropriate stitch count per inch. You can choose exceptional textiles like cotton, wool, artificial fibres, blended natural fibers, silk, and so on before the method.

This gives you a huge advantage because you’ll be able to choose the best fabric for your local customers.

That’s when you realise how beneficial a long-term investment personalised clothes are. As a result of working with clothing manufacturers for startups in France, there will be less challenges to deal with in the future.


The ODD factory has established service standards that are often unmatched, such as manufacturing speed, retail quality, and ethical qualifications.

We are concerned about your company’s long-term viability, so we work hard to deliver zero-waste solutions, cost-effective alternatives, and optimal manufacturing line efficiency.

Bespoke Production makes us ODD. The Simplicity in the process – Order, Design, Dispatch defines O.D.D. Our services are not limited to fashion labels. O.D.D is here for you, whether you’re a brand trying to grow into goods, a designer wishing to start garment manufacturing, an artist/designer looking to print fabric, an individual looking to build a bespoke wardrobe, or a conscious consumer looking to upcycle.


Our techniques are open and transparent, and everyone, from our staff to our clients, is aware of them. Do you want to know who made your garments and what’s in them? Join forces with ODD Factory to go swiftly while maintaining slow fashion!

O.D.D. recognises and empowers the hands that put their heart and soul into ensuring that your garment is truly WOW. We are participants in the Fashion Revolution. We express our gratitude to our employees by providing continual training, skill development, and equitable and fair remuneration.

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