Best Custom Clothing Manufacturer & Supplier for Startups in New York, USA

With 9 years of history, we have earned a world-wide reputation in the development and producing high-quality fabrics as the leading clothes manufacturers for small businesses in New York.

Our focus is the creative process and evolving ideas together. Therefore, whatever we make as bespoke clothing manufacturers in New York, USA is always adding value to the design process.

We’re a group of 50 women-led craftspeople. We, as Custom clothing manufacturers for startups in USA, are happy to work on small pieces or samples until you achieve the desired look and feel because we recognise that design is an incremental process. If you need to test a new concept, we’re the right partner for you.

Why choose a Custom Clothing Manufacturers in New York, USA?

  • When compared to a standard, off-the-shelf item… to a one-of-a-kind, custom-made version…It’s a significant change. Custom-made clothing can give you a more enduring look.
  • Quality isn’t a priority with off-the-shelf items. That’s how the system works: mass production at a low cost using industrial machines.
  • Those garments aren’t scrutinised by professionals who pay close attention to every detail. Custom clothes by the best custom clothes makers, on the other hand, is an entirely different issue. Precision is important to custom clothing vendors. They may make adjustments on the fly and keep an eye out for inconsistencies.
  • We, as prime clothing manufacturers in New York, United States stick to the correct stitch count per inch, which ensures the fabric’s durability.
  • Before the procedure begins, you can choose superior fabrics, such as cotton, wool, artificial fibres, blended natural fibres, silk, and so on. This gives you a significant edge, since you will be able to find the ideal fabric according to the needs of your local customers.

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Why are we the Best clothes manufacturers for small businesses in New York, USA?

We’re not a wholesale manufacturer, but we are the most unique custom clothes manufacturers in New York.   We’ve sewn for large worldwide clothing brands. Our purpose, on the other hand, is to assist tiny start-ups and emerging clothing labels in their search for small batch clothing producers.

We, as leading wholesale clothing manufacturers in New York, USA locationassist you in creating a connection between acquiring the proper materials and producing the perfect garment while maintaining high quality, so you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.

You want to be a smart buyer in this consumer-driven world of disposable things. You should plan ahead of time to prevent being caught off guard by the price. Therefore, the most rational choice would be sourcing from custom clothing vendors in New York.

That is when you understand that personalized clothes are an excellent long-term investment. Because of the materials utilized and general quality, there will be less issues to deal with in the future.


Bespoke Production makes us ODD. The Simplicity in the process – Order, Design, Dispatch defines O.D.D. Our services at leading garment manufacturer in New York for small businesses  are not limited to fashion labels. O.D.D is here for you, whether you’re a brand trying to grow into goods, a designer wishing to start garment manufacturing, an artist/designer looking to print fabric, an individual looking to build a bespoke wardrobe, or a conscious consumer looking to upcycle. We care about the long-term viability of your business; thus we strive to provide zero-waste solutions, cost-effective alternatives, and maximum efficiency in manufacturing lines. The ODD factory has established service standards that are often unmatched, such as manufacturing speed, retail quality, and ethical qualifications.


O.D.D. honours and empowers the hands who put their heart and soul into making sure your garment is just WOW. The Fashion Revolution is something we’re a part of. We say ‘thank you’ by providing ongoing training, skill development, and equitable and fair remuneration to our employees. Our methods  as leading bespoke clothing manufacturers in New York, USA are transparent and clean, and everyone knows about them, from our employees to our clients. Want to know #whomadeyourclothes & #whatsinyourclothes? Join hands with the ODD factory for moving fast in a slow fashion!

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