Hits of working with a bespoke clothing manufacturer in India

The Indian customer is undergoing a rapid transformation in terms of lifestyle and profile. With the shift in client attention, this shift may be witnessed from pricing consideration to fit, quality, and design.

People are experimenting with fashion and technology by gravitating toward high-end items. The market must provide consumer-friendly garments in terms of fit, style, on-time delivery, and technology. Clothing that is stitched from a standard-sized base pattern, such as a fitted suit, is referred to as \”Made to Measure.\” This has given rise to the concept of bespoke clothing manufacturer in India

Learning how to use your resources will ensure that you work with the best clothes manufacturers for your business ideas when you\’ve successfully produced a brand plan and have enough budget to continue onto the manufacturing stage. Getting started in the apparel sector used to be tough for those outside of the field, but with bespoke manufacturers, finding relevant clothing makers from across the world is now simple and uncomplicated.

A survey conducted by a researcher showed that more than 50% surveyed were interested in wearing a custom-made cloth.

This means that fashion labels need to hire more bespoke clothing manufacturers in India.


Benefits of working with bespoke clothing manufacturers in India:

There are numerous benefits of custom-made clothing at an individual level.  Mass produced off-the-rack clothes might be stylish and affordable, but no one can promise that you\’ll get a perfect result. Dye bleed, colour loss, and croaking are all frequent difficulties with mass-produced products. The explanation for this is simple: they frequently choose low-cost textiles for mass-produced garments. Furthermore, sewing threads used in mass-produced garment production can be of poor quality. As a result, your clothing may develop split seams and unsightly holes, which is both unpleasant and embarrassing.

As well as, if you are a fashion brand, there are pros of working with a bespoke clothing manufacturer too.

The need for customised items has risen dramatically, and having your own production process allows you to provide this to your consumers.

You\’ll be able to make your product exactly how you want it, according to your quality standards and on your own timeline.

There will be no back-and-forth for orders, no waiting to fit into their manufacturing schedule, and you will be able to prioritise your work as you see appropriate. This is what sets bespoke and sustainable clothing manufacturers in India apart from traditional manufacturer. They focus on cooperation and are willing to work on your timeline unlike large scale traditional manufacturer producing regular fabrics.

You have complete control over your own (and only your own) expenses.

They let you to manufacture to order, avoiding the risk of retaining dead stock and saving money on storage.

Have you come up with a great concept for a new product or improvement? You may sample, develop, and put your product on the market ahead of the competition if you work with a bespoke clothing manufacturers in India.


The ODD FACTORY – Leading bespoke clothing manufacturers in London and India:

We\’ll assess your garment prototypes and goal budgets together. An exchange of ideas and style references will be part of this process. We\’ll finalise everything you need to begin production, including quantity, fabric type, drawings, and the bunch.

You can either provide us fabric or we can find it for you.

You can either send us digital pattern print files or have our pattern graders sketch out patterns for you on pattern sheets.

Following sample approval, final manufacture will begin in accordance with the confirmed order.

We run dye tests, wash care tests, tensile tests, and other tests as needed. You may rest easy knowing that your brand and garment quality are in good hands.

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