Khaa Moosh – Emotional Eating in Progress – PRINTABLE


Unleash the power of relatability and humor with our exclusive “Khaa Moosh – Emotional Eating in Progress” T-shirt design, crafted meticulously by the creative minds at 100millionartfields. Perfect for brands aiming to connect through comfort and laughter, this design encapsulates the lighthearted side of indulging in comfort food.

What You Receive:

  • High-Quality PNG File: Ideal for digital printing, ensuring that every detail of the design is sharp and vibrant on your T-shirts.
  • PDF File: Provides versatility and ease of use for various printing methods, ensuring you have everything you need for production.

Design Details:

  • Theme: “Khaa Moosh – Emotional Eating in Progress” combines whimsical typography with a playful layout, resonating with anyone who finds joy and solace in food.
  • Style: The design features a mix of bold and script typography, creating a dynamic and appealing visual impact.


  • Broad Appeal: Tailored for any brand looking to enhance their T-shirt lineup with a touch of humor.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for screen printing, direct-to-garment, or heat transfer methods, providing flexibility in production.
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Why Choose This Design?

  • Crafted by the innovative team at 100millionartfields, this design not only adds a unique character to your merchandise but also ensures customer engagement and satisfaction. Enhance your collection with a design that speaks to the heart of comfort eaters everywhere.

Elevate your brand’s merchandise with this witty and heartwarming design, ensuring your products not only look great but also tell a compelling story. Order now and let “Khaa Moosh – Emotional Eating in Progress” resonate with your audience!

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Khaa Moosh – Emotional Eating in Progress – PRINTABLE
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