ODD Slowfashion Sampling & Upcycling Factory Stocklot Swatch Book + Free Upcycling Catalogue (2 Books + Catalogue + Fabric Sourcing Guide)


Empower your fashion Startup Economically and Sustainably with our Upcycling and Sampling Stocklot Swatchsetl! Tailored for the innovative designer/Fashion Startups and Existing Brands alike, this package offers 2 exclusive swatch sets with 50+ Fabrics across two detailed volumes, showcasing premium woven, organic, natural, and blended fabrics. This three-way deal offers you an economical option to get premium fabric stocklots at a 20% discount using which you can cost optmise your  sampling, upcycling, and personal projects


Package Inclusions

2 Premium Swatchsets: Use these 50+ premium fabrics three ways – for sampling, upcycling, and personal projects, expanding your design possibilities and product offerings using premium stocklot fabrics by The Odd Factory

Swatch Guide PDF: A detailed guide providing essential information on each fabric, helping you make informed decisions that enhance the quality and uniqueness of your products.

Upcycling Catalogue: Discover innovative ways to transform and repurpose materials, supporting your brand’s commitment to sustainability and build a circular fashion the USP for your brand

20% Off on Fabrics – get these fabrics (A blend of woven, organics and  naturals) at 20% lesser market rates and MOQ’s as less as 1 meters

10% Discount on Consultation: Bespoke consultation tailored to improve your production process, cost optimization and market strategy, further enhancing your brand’s growth and efficiency and helping you get started and scale with expert guidance

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Premium Stock SwatchSet – Best Used for Sampling and Upcycling

As a sustainble brand or a entrepreneur looking to start one, you can opt for this stock lot swatch set and use our fabrics at 20% lesser than market rates for your zero waste/ upcycled accesory/apparel lines or limited edition drops. By using our Factorys left overs, wer helping you reduce costs while we are reducing textile waste. This book will be a tiny step towards us creating a circular economy. Once you get the lots, wel help you create and customise upcycled accesories / apparel for your brand too . From curation to creation, together we can elevate your brand and make the textile industry a better world to be in

What’s Included? This package comprises two detailed swatch books, each brimming with high-quality, premium fabrics that capture the essence of luxury and sustainability. Accompanied by a comprehensive SwatchGuide PDF, this set provides detailed descriptions of each fabric’s characteristics and optimal uses, enabling you to tailor your selections to specific design needs.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Cost Efficiency: Acquire our premium fabrics at a 20% discount, significantly lowering your production costs without compromising on quality.
  • Informed Decisions: The included SwatchGuide PDF is an invaluable resource, detailing the properties and best uses of each fabric, ensuring you choose the most suitable materials for your projects.
  • Quality and Variety: Experience a range of textures, weights, and compositions, each selected for its exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Market Readiness: By selecting the right fabrics at the outset, you enhance your brand’s potential for market success, aligning your products with consumer expectations and industry standards.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain an edge over competitors with access to high-quality, limited-edition fabrics that are not readily available on the market.

Empower Your Brand By choosing The Odd Factory’s Swatchset, you not only gain access to top-tier materials but also the knowledge to use them effectively. This selection is more than just fabrics; it’s a stepping stone to building a sustainable, profitable fashion brand. Prepare to transform your creative ideas into successful, saleable products with confidence and style.

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ODD Slowfashion Sampling & Upcycling Factory Stocklot Swatch Book + Free Upcycling Catalogue (2 Books + Catalogue + Fabric Sourcing Guide)
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