Ruffle Dress


The Odd Factory’s Ruffle Dress pattern, a design that perfectly captures the playful yet elegant essence of ruffles. This pattern is your key to creating garments that resonate with movement and grace, ideal for brands looking to infuse their collections with a touch of femininity and for individuals aiming to craft a statement piece that dances with every step. Get Exclusive offers on the bulk purchase of patterns (min 3) please reach out to us on whatsapp to claim the exclusive bulk prices -+91 75069 22569

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1.Pattern Development & Grading is a critical process of making and cutting a 2D Layout of your Style/Design
2. A pattern is made prior to Sampling & serves as a foundation for Sample or Bulk Production.
3. Pattern Grading is a process that involves replicating 2D Layouts of the Initial Pattern into Multiple Sizes.
4. Incase you are not moving forward with Sampling/Production,Patterns will be shipped to you.
5. This service includes a Free Size Chart & Grade per Style too. MOQ 3 PATTERNS. 5 Patterns can be adjusted and re designed as per requirement

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Ruffle DressRuffle Dress
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