Long Dress with Megya Sleeve


This exquisite pattern merges the elegance of a long dress silhouette with the distinctive charm of Megya sleeves, creating a statement piece that stands out in any wardrobe. Ideal for brands looking to infuse their collections with a blend of contemporary style and timeless grace, as well as for individuals aspiring to craft bespoke garments that showcase personal style, this pattern is a versatile choice. Get Exclusive offers on the bulk purchase of patterns (min 3) please reach out to us on whatsapp to claim the exclusive bulk prices -+91 75069 22569

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1.Pattern Development & Grading is a critical process of making and cutting a 2D Layout of your Style/Design
2. A pattern is made prior to Sampling & serves as a foundation for Sample or Bulk Production.
3. Pattern Grading is a process that involves replicating 2D Layouts of the Initial Pattern into Multiple Sizes.
4. Incase you are not moving forward with Sampling/Production,Patterns will be shipped to you.
5. This service includes a Free Size Chart & Grade per Style too. MOQ 3 PATTERNS. 5 Patterns can be adjusted and re designed as per requirement

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Long Dress with Megya SleeveLong Dress with Megya Sleeve
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