Mixed Bag of Extra Love

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Mixed Set of 12 Beautifully Upcycled & Uniquely OverSized Scrunchies :
3 Regular Printed Upcycled Scrunchies
3 OverSized Printed Upcycled Scrunchies
3 Taffeta OverSized Scrunchies
3 Linen Satin OverSized Frill Scrunchies

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Get 12 Scrunchies in one Mixed Bag
1. These scrunchies have been creatively upcycled by our O.D.D Factory Design and Production Team using left overs & fabric scraps
2. All materials used to make these gorgeous scrunchies are extremely pure & premium qualities of woven fabrics such as linen,cotton,sateen,linen satin,silk,etc
3. These scrunchies have been ethically manufactured by our team of karigars
4. Creative Zero Waste Production is a process we follow diligently at The O.D.D Factory to reduce Fashion Waste & Creatively utilise scraps
5. Stock is Limited Inventory. To order customised/large batch scrunchies, connect with our team
6. To build customised gifting and pampering hampers which include alternate products such as eye masks, scrunchies,scarves, other upcycled items,connect with our team of experts
7. To customise your own sets & mixed bag, connect with our team
8. Total Price is Inclusive of 12% GST & Free Shipping

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Mixed Bag of Extra Love
Original price was: ₹1,200.00.Current price is: ₹695.00.
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