Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Advanced)

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If you’re starting out, our goal is to ensure your plan is FAIL PROOF + EFFORTLESS + SUSTAINABLE+ PROFITABLE

Solidify your brand’s foundation with a range of our 70+ premium fabric 4 swatch set and targeted startup guidance. This kit combines high-quality fabric selections with specialized consultation to help you establish the core elements of your fashion brand. It’s perfect for new designers needing expert advice on material choices and foundational business strategies to set a strong and sustainable path from the start with professionals with over 17+ years of experience.

1. Exclusive 1-on-1 Expert Consultation(1 Hour)

2.Digital Toolkits (Size Chart Template, Techpack Template, Moodboard Template, Cost Sheet Template,  Illustration Template)

3. 101 Fashion Guide Book 

4. Four Swatchbooks with 70+ fabrics (mix a Woven, Blended and Organics) including a detailed guide on the Collection use of the Fabrics.

5. Zero Waste, Eco Friendly, Upcycled, and reusable cotton pouches stitched with Fabric buttons .We hope you reuse these pouches and join our slow fashion community.

6.Detailed guide to help you understand each fabric’s unique qualities and niche uses in the industry as well as which fabric type is suited for which collection type. Get the knowledge to make smarter, better sustainable choices for your designs.

Discounts & Benefits
10% discount on The Odd Factory’s Slow Fashion Services:
– Design, Brand, Marketing & Strategic Business Growth Board
– Pattern Development and Grading
– Ai Print Files
– Factory Stock Materials

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The Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Advanced) is meticulously curated for startup brands focusing on establishing a solid base in the fashion industry. This set combines practical insights from our one-on-one Brand Starter Consultation with the tactile experience of our premium Swatch Set volumes 1 and 2. It offers an invaluable mix of mentorship and material resources that are essential for crafting a robust brand foundation.


Included in the Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Advanced)

  • Swatchset 4 Books: These books feature a curated selection of  70+ premium woven and blended fabrics. Exploring these materials allows you to make informed choices about the fabrics that align best with your brand’s aesthetic and budgetary requirements. Proper selection can significantly reduce production costs while enhancing the quality and appeal of your products.
  • Brand Starter Consultation: This consultation provides personalized guidance on crucial startup aspects such as inventory management, supplier selection, and cost optimization. It’s designed to help you navigate the early challenges of setting up your brand and to streamline your production processes. This consultation ensures that your journey is Failproof and profitable.
  • Digital Toolkit Bundle: A collection of editable and printable templates, including moodboards, cost sheets, size charts, and illustration guides. These can be customized using Adobe Acrobat or printed for manual annotation, offering flexibility in your design process.
  • Brand Growth Roadmap: This downloadable PDF guide provides a clear, structured approach to strategic planning and execution, helping you identify and prioritize key milestones for your brand’s growth.
  • Zero Waste, Eco Friendly, Upcycled, and Reusable cotton pouches stitched with Fabric buttons that can be reused .
  • Detailed guide to help you understand each fabric’s unique qualities and niche uses in the industry as well as which fabric type is suited for which collection type. Get the knowledge to make smarter choices for your designs.

Additional Benefits:

  • Hands-On Material Selection: Gain direct access to high-quality fabrics, enabling a tactile approach to product development that digital tools can’t match.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive actionable advice tailored to your brand’s unique challenges and goals, helping you avoid common pitfalls and establish efficient operations from the start.

Who is it for?

The Market Advancement Bundle 1 (Advanced) is ideal for entrepreneurs and designers who are in the initial stages of launching their fashion brand. It is particularly beneficial for those who wish to understand and implement foundational business practices effectively while also ensuring their product line starts strong with the right fabric choices under expert guidance. This set provides the tools and insights necessary to build a sustainable and appealing brand identity right from the outset.

How to use the Editable Templates 

1.Download the Files

2.Open in Adobe Acrobat

3. Check the Filled in References

4.Fill your own Template

5 reviews for Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Advanced)

  1. Sania A

    I had so many questions about luxury branding and finding the right suppliers. Karishma provided clarity on creating exclusive patterns and growing my bridal collection. It was the guidance I needed to navigate the complexities of starting a high-end fashion line.

  2. Arjun P

    Before my session with Karishma, I was overwhelmed with where to start. She walked me through sourcing sustainable materials and connecting with eco-friendly suppliers. It was like having a guide through the startup maze, answering all my ‘how do I even begin?’ questions.

  3. Arjun P

    Karishma helped me understand the streetwear market’s demand and fine-tune my designs to capture the youth’s attention. It felt like a masterclass in streetwear startup 101.

  4. Divya R

    Starting a brand with a vintage twist was daunting. How do I appeal to modern tastes while staying true to the past? Karishma provided targeted advice on blending authenticity with contemporary appeal, answering all my niche-specific startup questions.

  5. Kunal M

    Inventory management had me stumped. Karishma broke it down into actionable steps, answering my queries about balancing stock levels and predicting demand. It was exactly the startup guidance I needed to get my activewear line off the ground.

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Fashion Brand Starter Kit (Advanced)
Original price was: ₹4,300.00.Current price is: ₹2,950.00.
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